Rental conditions of cottage Maris

  1. These general conditions adjust the mutual contractual relationships between the lessor of cottage Maris and the lessee.
  2. The contractual relationship between the lessor and the lessee shall arise after the payment has been credited on maturity to the lessor's account, sent by lessee.
  3. Prices are inclusive of VAT and can be viewed on the website www.chalupamaris.cz
  4. The cottage is rented as whole. The owner doesn't stay there during your stay, but he can arrive to make sure, that rental conditions are met.
  5. Arrivals: after 3:00 p.m. If the term prior to your stay is not occupied, earlier arrival is possible after agreement. The end of stay: no later than 10 a.m. The guest will be accommodated after presentation of valid identity document from which the data will be written down to the House book. The actual status of electric meter, water meter and heat meter will be recorded. After that the guest will receive the keys from cottage.
  6. Upon arrival, guest will pay refundable deposit of 5 000 CZK in cash. This deposit is used for eventual payment of damages caused by the lessee.
  7. Order: orders for lease of cottage we are accepting in written form (via e-mail) using contact form in folder contacts/reservations, we will let you know no later than 24 hours whether the date you are asking for is unoccupied and if is, we can preliminarily reserve the term for you for seven calendar days. As confirmation of reservation is required to pay 50% of expected price of accommodation. Payment must be paid within 7 days after receiving confirmation of reservation or immediately in case of reservation 7 days and less before arrival. If the payment is not paid within the specified time, the reservation will be canceled. Payment is paid by transfer to the account on the basis of the written confirmation of reservation. Balance payment must be paid to our account within 5 working days before the arrival.
  8. In every room of cottage is sctrict smoking ban. Is strictly banned to moving furniture!
  9. The lessee is obliged to observe the general rules for lease of cottage.
  10. As lessors we reserve the right to terminate your stay immediately if: The number of persons will exceed the total capacity of the building (maximally 12 persons) or there will be higher number of persons than was reported, or the number of persons will be increased during the stay (without lessor's knowledge). If smoking ban will has been breached or using open fire (outside the fireplace). Finding out presence of pet which wasn't report. The lessee doesn't report malfunctions or damages immediately.


In all cases, there is no right to refund the unused rental payment.

For safety reasons, don't leave children unattended in building or its immediate surroundings, in the garden and especially in the sauna.

Each time you leave the building, or recede, lock it properly, inluding closing windows.

You have to take off your shoes in cottage, take suitable home-shoes with you.

The lessee and their guests must behave carefully to the whole cottage. Damages incurred must be paid by the lessee.

The price of rental doesn't include insurance. Rental of cottage is used by lessee at their own risk. The lessor is not responsible for injuries and damages or theft of lessee's property.

After the end of stay lessee must pay in cash price for amount of consumed electricity, water and heating. At the start of stay is actual status of electric meter, water meter and heat meter recorded and after end of stay is find out the difference. Also is needed to pay recreational fee to municipality.

Before is rental ended, the lessee has to wait for lessor's arrival and perform the proper transfer of property in the state in which the object was taken over. If not, refundable deposit is not returned.

Report offices phone numbers:
Emergency call 112
Ambulance 155
Fireman 150
Police 158
Owner +420 603 887 552